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Talk Videos from EuroPython 2010 Published!

2010 August 14

Thanks to the considerable work of Michael Sparks and his team of video recording volunteers (Marijn Vriens, Richard Barran and WalterPy), several talks were recorded at EuroPython 2010 including lightning talks and keynotes. These recordings are now available from the EuroPython videos page at

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Volunteer Opportunities at EuroPython 2010

2010 July 15

EuroPython 2010 is almost upon us, and the organisers are working hard to get everything into place before tutorials start on Saturday and before the talks programme begins on Monday. Since EuroPython is a volunteer-run community conference, every little bit of help is appreciated (and sometimes required) in making sure everything goes smoothly.

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Tutorial Attendees: Indicate Your Preferences Now!

2010 July 13

If you are attending tutorials at EuroPython 2010, you may have noticed that you will not have explicitly selected particular tutorials - you just signed up for a particular day when you registered. The reason for not making anyone choose a particular tutorial is that the organisers feel that all of the tutorial rooms have enough space for almost any level of likely participation. However, to make the preparations a bit more interactive, now is the time to sign yourself up on the Wiki page for your chosen tutorials.

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EuroPython 2010 Registration Closing Soon!

2010 July 11

There's about a week to go before EuroPython 2010. Tutorials take place on Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th July, and the main conference schedule starts the day after. That means that if you haven't already registered for EuroPython, there's no time to lose: register online while you still can!

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Audio Recording at EuroPython 2010

2010 July 08

Have you ever downloaded a talk from one of the Python conferences, or maybe an open source conference or some other kind of event that you didn't get to, and thought what a great idea it was to make such content available to people like yourself who couldn't make it? Well, now it could be your turn to play a role in helping others experience EuroPython across the globe, while promoting the conference to people who need just a little bit of persuasion to come along next year!

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Wiki pages for talks and tutorials

2010 June 28

We have created a page on the EuroPython Wiki for each talk and tutorial at EuroPython 2010. The idea is to allow presenters to find out more about their audience in advance, to provide additional information and materials, and for the audience (or potential audience) to ask questions before and after each talk or tutorial.

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Early Registration Extended!

2010 May 12

Although the deadline for EuroPython 2010 early registration has passed, we're generously leaving early registration open for a few more days.

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EuroPython Talk and Early Registration Deadlines Approaching!

2010 April 29

The deadlines for talk submissions and early registration are approaching fast. Register now to get reduced cost entrance to EuroPython! And why not submit a talk, too?

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Registration opens

2010 February 10

Europython 2010 is up and running. Extra Early Bird registration is open. Visit

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A Milestone Reached

2009 June 23

Today EuroPython registrations passed another waypoint

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EuroPython Food

2009 June 20

At this year's EuroPython conference you will be able to sample some British peasant delicacies.

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Bruce Eckel's keynote preview

2009 June 17

Bruce Eckel has posted a really fascinating preview of his EuroPython keynote, about language design, metaprogramming, and what he calls 'language archaeology'...

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You can now reserve your tutorial seats

2009 June 16

Information about the advanced tutorial check in.

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Start planning your room share now

2009 February 23

If you are planning on sharing a room at Europython, you need to start making a friend now, so when registration opens sometime in the next few weeks, you will have someone to share with and you can book at the extra early bird discount.

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Announcing EuroPython 2009

2008 December 18

On behalf of the EuroPython 2009 organisation it is my privilege and honour to announce the ‘Call for Participation’ for EuroPython 2009! EuroPython is the conference for the communities around Python, including the Django, Zope and Plone communities. This years conference will be held in Birmingham, UK from Monday 29th June to Saturday 4th July 2009.

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