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Start planning your room share now

If you are planning on sharing a room at Europython, you need to start making a friend now, so when registration opens sometime in the next few weeks, you will have someone to share with and you can book at the extra early bird discount.

Start emailing your friends, and also add yourself here:

This year we will have two conference hotels bookable through the booking form, one budget and one more expensive. These are expected to be:

  • The ETAP which is around £38 per night per room
  • Premier Inn which is around £69 per night per room

The latter is more expensive but it is also in a more historic part of town and also more convienent for the conference.

A quick reminder of dates:

  • The Tutorials and pre-conference sprints are Sunday 28th June and Monday 29th June,
  • The main conference is Tuesday to 30th June to Thursday 2nd July
  • The post-conference sprints are Friday 3rd July and Saturday 4th July

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