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Talks and Themes

EuroPython aims to provide inspirational talks and a friendly atmosphere, designed to help people build contacts and learn from each other's experiences. EuroPython 2010 offers a talks programme oriented around the following themes:

  • Python Language (featuring Python 3, Python implementations (IronPython/Jython/PyPy) and Python packaging)
  • Python in Action (Python projects and deployments in government, industry and beyond)
  • Mobile Computing (Python in mobile and embedded devices)
  • Large Scale Python (Python in research, distributed computing, scientific computing)
  • Web Programming (Python on the Web: Zope 3, Django and everything else)
  • Database Programming (object-relational mappers and data management techniques)
  • User Interfaces (across or beyond the Web, the desktop and the device)
  • Games (featuring pygame, pyglet and other game-making technologies)

See the talks timetable for full details of this year's talks programme!


Keynotes are typically held on the first and second days of the conference and feature influential figures from the Python community and beyond talking about the subjects that matter most to them.

Lightning Talks

Lightning Talks give Participants the chance to present their work, ideas or opinions outside the normal talk programme. Each presenter has five minutes to get their message across before it's the turn of the next presenter. There's no time for questions and answers after each talk: the audience is encouraged to track down and question the presenter afterwards. And lightning talk presenters aren't subject to the usual talk submission process: instead, presenters sign themselves up at the conference itself as and when they decide they have something to say to everybody else. The schedule is then put together by the organisers, sometimes only minutes in advance!

Open Space

If a lightning talk or a main programme talk captures the imagination or the interest of a number of participants, it might be interesting for them to meet up and discuss the topic further - that's what Open Space is all about. Like lightning talks, Open Space isn't scheduled before the conference: Participants agree on meeting times and places as the conference happens, posting the details on a noticeboard in the main meeting area of the conference.

Beyond the Programme

As those who have been to EuroPython before will tell you, the conference isn't just about the talks: the interactions and the conversations you'll have with others can add so much more value to your experience. Various social events are often planned, too. Consider your conference experience before you get there: become a Participant!