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EuroPython Talk and Early Registration Deadlines Approaching!

The deadline for talk submissions is approaching fast. In fact, Friday 30th April is only a day away at the time of writing. But don't let that stop you from submitting a talk: we don't expect you to have actually prepared a talk by this date; if you have a good talk idea, just go to the EuroPython talk submissions page, enter your details, and fill out a brief sketch of what the talk will be about.

Of course, if your talk gets accepted, you will probably have to make good on your submission, but it shouldn't be difficult to get something really interesting ready for public consumption in two months or so! And don't be shy: it's easy to think that only "Pythonic rocket science" gets into the talk schedule, but people come to EuroPython for more than that. They want to hear real experiences from real Python users doing real-world things, too!

As for early registration, time is also running out if you want a reasonable discount on the ticket price for EuroPython. Don't delay too long: by the time we've published a full schedule, it'll be too late. See the calendar for all the details of deadlines and dates.

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