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Volunteering to help

EuroPython is run by volunteers. We need you to lend a hand. There are lots of different tasks that need to be done, before, during and after the conference. There are tasks to suit all technical abilities. You can help us to run the whole conference or just pitch up for an hour to stuff some goodie bags.

Most volunteers will tell you that helping out is a great way to enhance your conference. You will get to meet and talk with more people and you can feel smug at the same time.

All you need to do is add your name to the Volunteers Table

Please make sure that you create a wiki homepage as instructed in the paragraph above the table. Then we will know how to contact you.

If you know with which tasks you would like to help please add your name to the appropriate section below the table.

Thanks for getting involved.

EuroPython Team - Useful Contacts

EuroPython is a community conference, the spirit of EuroPython is that everyone contributes in one way or another. However, below are some EuroPython team members that it may be helpful to know. Please contact them if you are able to volunteer to help in their area.

Jonathan is looking after the talks submissions. Contact Jonathan

Mary is co-ordinating the Partners' Programme with Jutta, Keith and Sheila. Please Email Mary to pass on a message.

Richard is acting as Webmaster for the EuroPython 2010 site. rjt-pyconuk AT thegrindstone DOT me DOT uk

Ciaran organises the audio recording of selected talks and co-ordinates with the PA company. Email Ciaran

Fuzzyman is organizing the Language Summit. Email Fuzzyman

John co-ordinates the Europython 2010 team, supported by Sheila who runs the information and registration point during the conference. Email John

Laura co-ordinates the Europython Society in Sweden, keeping everything ticking as EuroPython moves around every few years.

Quentin looks after the sponsors for Europython and runs the Tech Team. Email Quentin

Paul tries to maintain order on the EuroPython Wiki. Email Paul

Jacob looks after the sponsors for EuroPython, the sponsors provide the means for the conference to happen.

Zeth looks after the talk submissions system, and is in charge of unforeseen problems during the conference. Hopefully Zeth solves more problems than he makes. Email Zeth