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Audio Recording at EuroPython 2010

Have you ever downloaded a talk from one of the Python conferences, or maybe an open source conference or some other kind of event that you didn't get to, and thought what a great idea it was to make such content available to people like yourself who couldn't make it? Well, now it could be your turn to play a role in helping others experience EuroPython across the globe, while promoting the conference to people who need just a little bit of persuasion to come along next year!

At EuroPython 2010 we hope to record talks in every room (subject to presenter agreement, of course), but to make sure that we really are recording, we need people to monitor the recording equipment every now and again and to transfer recordings to other devices. The responsibilities are described on this WIki page.

What do you get out of it? Well, firstly there's the satisfaction that EuroPython has been able to offer a wide range of recordings, just like other Python conferences such as PyCon and PyCon Australia. Then, there's the benefit of having talks available for later listening: you can't be in all rooms at once, but with recordings available, you'll at least be able to catch up with the stuff you've missed later on.

So why not make a difference this year at EuroPython and make your own conference experience just that little bit more interesting, knowing that you're part of a team helping to make Python more popular and its community bigger and better? Sign up on the talk audio recording list and help us get EuroPython's content to the masses!

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