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Tutorial Attendees: Indicate Your Preferences Now!

If you are attending tutorials at EuroPython 2010, you may have noticed that you will not have explicitly selected particular tutorials - you just signed up for a particular day when you registered. The reason for not making anyone choose a particular tutorial is that the organisers feel that all of the tutorial rooms have enough space for almost any level of likely participation. However, to make the preparations a bit more interactive, now is the time to sign yourself up on the Wiki page for your chosen tutorials.

Here's how to sign yourself up! First, go to the timetable and find the tutorials on the day (or days) you will be attending. Then, follow the link to each tutorial's description, such as the Intro to Game Programming by the PyWeek legend, Richard Jones. Then, follow the Additional Information ... link for whichever tutorial you are interested in; here, the link points to Richard Jones' tutorial for illustration purposes.

At this point, you're on the Wiki page for your chosen tutorial. Now, just select the Edit option and add your name to the Attendees section. Don't forget to save your changes!

Signing up isn't mandatory, but it does help tutorial presenters plan for their sessions and, if you also take the opportunity to post questions in advance, it also helps them to get to know their audience, making it a better experience for all concerned.

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