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Talk Videos from EuroPython 2010 Published!

Thanks to the considerable work of Michael Sparks and his team of video recording volunteers (Marijn Vriens, Richard Barran and WalterPy), several talks were recorded at EuroPython 2010 including lightning talks and keynotes. These recordings are now available from the EuroPython videos page at

Michael and his volunteers put in a considerable amount of effort to ensure that a record of the proceedings would be available for those unable to get to the conference, as well as those at the conference who were unable to get to every single talk that might have interested them. In doing so, they gave up some of their freedom to roam and to see talks of particular interest to them at a moment's notice - one of the benefits of going to a conference as a "regular" participant - in order to cover as many talks as possible for your viewing pleasure.

Without the efforts of volunteers like these, EuroPython as a community conference would not be as valuable or as enjoyable as it is. Please take a look at their work and let yourself be educated, entertained and, perhaps most importantly, inspired not only by the content of the talks made available in this way, but also by the purpose of EuroPython: to let people share their experiences and passions (and maybe even frustrations) with the Python language and the many ways in which it is applied. Maybe such inspiration will persuade you to at least consider coming to EuroPython next year, perhaps to give a talk yourself or, just as important, to help out and make this sharing of knowledge happen once again.

Many thanks to Michael and his team for sharing their experiences of EuroPython 2010 as seen and heard through their recording equipment!

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