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Volunteer Opportunities at EuroPython 2010

EuroPython 2010 is almost upon us, and the organisers are working hard to get everything into place before tutorials start on Saturday and before the talks programme begins on Monday. Since EuroPython is a volunteer-run community conference, every little bit of help is appreciated (and usually required) in making sure everything goes smoothly.

Imagine if, upon arriving on Monday, that the badges, T-shirts and attendee packs weren't ready, and no-one was able to figure out whether you'd registered or not. Or if things weren't quite as well organised as they could be, and you ended up queueing rather than getting to the opening keynote. These things are some of the perils of the last few days before a conference, especially as one as big as EuroPython.

So, if you have a bit of time before the conference and want to make a good impression, why not show up for the bag stuffing and registration event at 17:15 on Sunday at the Conservatoire? This work helps to make Monday morning much easier on everyone. Sign yourself up on the manual labour page - it's not as bad as it sounds!

And if you want to make the conference itself a bit easier, why not share the volunteer load during the days of the talk programme from Monday through Thursday? Take a look at the volunteers page and sign yourself up for something. In particular, session chair volunteers are still required, and it's really not a difficult job, even if you might feel guilty interrupting some important speaker to tell them to finish their talk on time!

See you at EuroPython 2010, hopefully as a volunteer before the official welcome on Monday morning!

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